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Hi guys

Its time to tell you all about one of my sexploits this month and this time I'm going to tell you about a modelling shoot with my friend Lisa........

I've done lots & lots of 2 girl shoots, but its always best when you really fancy the girl you're doing it with! Lisa is a gorgeous looking girl in her early thirties, with lovely long dark hair, green eyes & that body! A firm but very curvy 34DD 24 34 with an arse to die for, especially when its bent over.....

When we got the job we decided that I would go separately & meet her there. As she stepped out of the car in that very short leather skirt, I could just catch a glimpse of her lacy black knickers tucked very neatly up her rounded bottom & inviting curves!

"Oh Lisa, do you need any help in getting those bage out of the car" I said & she just gave me one of those seductress looks, "no thanks Sophie, but I'm really looking forward to today, are you?" Well, after that I helped her in with those bags anyway and from then on, I knew my day was about to get a lot better!


The photographer was a really nice guy in his fifties & I could see him looking at our generous curves & undressing us with his eyes already! "well girls, how naughty do you two get?" we giggled & started giving him a little taste of just how naughty we can get... I looked at Lisa in the eyes & asked her for help in getting my bra unhooked. She gently slipped her hands across my back as she got up behind me & I could feel her breathing softly in my ear "like this" she said & undid my bra before moving her hands round to the front & cupping my big round boobs in her hands & tweaking the nipples. "mmm, just like that" I said & the photographer got a 'cat that got the cream' look from me! We wasted no more time with undressing & as we were standing together completely naked I could feel the heat from her beautiful body as it got closer to mine. "You two better get something saucy on quick" the photographer said, & we giggled again. We put on some very lacy lingerie, me in black to compliment my blonde hair & Lisa in white. 1/2 cup bras, suspenders & stockings with very little lacy g-strings to match. As the music started, we danced slowly & provocatively together rubbing each others curves & feeling the softness of each others skin. "Oh Lisa, I want to feel my fingers inside you" I said as I kissed her gently on the mouth. "The feeling's very mutual" she said as we hurried to get our bras off & explore each others boobs with lust. Lisa has such lovely big nipples that got harder as I played with them. I just had to taste those nipples. She moaned with delight as I took each nipple in turn & teased them with my tongue, biting them gently & getting my metal tongue stud & flicking it back & forth across them. She returned the favour, stroking & licking my tits as she moved her hand down to my damp & very wanting crutch. I was in ecstasy as she used her fingers to rub my soft lacy knickers. "You're very wet Sophie, feel me I'm soaking" she said. I moved my hands down to her knickers & with one hand I grabbed her arse & with the other I stroked her soaking wet knickers. "Ooh Lisa, I really want to take you" I said, as I pushed my finger under those little knickers & felt her bare pussy. "Ah Sophie" she moaned, as I probed her pussy with two fingers & felt her quiver as I played. She stopped me breifly, only to remove my knickers & her own before we continued to explore each other with our fingers to a climatic state! "stop" she asked, "I'm nearly there & I don't want to come like this Sophie" As she said this, she guided my head down, & I knew what I was going to do! I licked her bare pussy & slipped my fingers into her once again. I could taste & smell her perfect pussy & I loved it! As I licked & sucked her I could feel her close " Ooh Sophie, don't stop" she said as I felt the muscles in her pussy tighten around my fingers & her clit getting harder on my tongue! "Ooh, ooh, ah Sophie, I'm coming................ It was fantastic watching her come!  Our photographer was very happy, he got it all on film! Afterwards, Lisa had to lay down & take a break, though I didn't go without, but thats another story!

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