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A Personal  number is a telephone number that is not linked to any fixed or mobile phone, but to you and it is yours for as long as you want to be a customer of the Personal service.

What are the benefits of the service?
The benefits are primarily security and convenience:
Your own tel numbers never appear on the internet.
You can divert your calls to the phone of your choice, whether it's fixed or mobile, anywhere in the UK, USA or Canada, and no one needs to know where you are!
You can change the number that the call is diverted to as often as you wish. It no longer matters if you lose your mobile or have it stolen - you simply get another and change the  07050 to ring your new mobile number. Your clients/friends/family do not even need to know the change has taken place. You can give out just one number for friends, family and business colleagues to contact you on at any time of the day!

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How easy is it to use the service?
It's very quick and simple to change where you receive your calls, in fact it takes a phone call of around 15 seconds from any touch tone phone to the Call Management System.

To make it as easy as possible, Personal pre-programmes into the system the 3 numbers you will most frequently divert to, so that you don't have to dial these each time you divert your calls.

It only takes a few seconds more to divert your calls to any other number of your choice. You also have your own security password which prevents anyone else from diverting your calls.

What are the costs involved?
There is NO charge to connect your personal number to the Personal Mobile service when arranging this service through Blonde Escorts, others charge up to 19-99.
Please note that Blonde Escorts does NOT gain any revenue whatsoever  from supplying Personal Mobile numbers.

There are  NO ongoing monthly or yearly charges and it costs you nothing to receive diverted calls, whether to a fixed or mobile phone in the UK!

In general, people calling you from a phone connected to the BT network will be charged the SAME rate as calling a Vodafone or Cellnet mobile phone.

Callers SHOULD check with their telephone service provider if they are in any doubt about the cost they will pay to call a Personal Mobile Personal Number

What if I'm unavailable for any reason?
For those times when you can't or don't want to accept calls, perhaps you're too busy or in a meeting, you can divert them to your own Personal Mobile Answer Service.
The service is available for an annual fee. You are not charged for calls deposited and you only pay for calls retrieved at the rate set by your telephone service provider.
When you call to listen to your messages from a phone connected to the BT network you will be charged at 14.22p per minute (exc. VAT) daytime and 8.38p per minute (exc. VAT) evenings and weekends.

Can I use Personal if I go abroad?
Yes you can. If you're going abroad on business or on holiday, with Personal Mobile World you can divert your calls to any fixed or local mobile phone in THE WORLD. All calls diverted to you overseas are received either FREE OF CHARGE or at a competitive per minute cost. In general, the person calling you from the BT network will still only pay the cost of calling a mobile phone in the UK.

What if I am calling from overseas?
It appears that callers from outside the UK may be experiencing some difficulties in using 07050 numbers. This appears to be an intermittent problem dependant on which TELCO carrier that the caller is using. In an effort to resolve this problem we urge callers to complain vigorously to their service provider, demanding an explanation as to why they are barring their customers from calling certain numbers in the UK.

The numbers advertised on THIS SITE and other sites that begin with a prefix of (0)70 are what is commonly termed "PERSONAL NUMBERS". These numbers allow advertisers to change the number they are called on by diverting the call to anywhere they want in the UK.

They are NOT premium rate numbers, and should not be treated by the TELCO as such. Calls are charged at 37.5 pence per minute when dialled in the UK, This is significantly cheaper than some mobile phone tarriffs.

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