Blonde Escorts Guide to Punter Talk

This is a guide to the terminology of heterosexual prostitution in the UK, with emphasis on terms and abbreviations used on the net and particularly on PunterNet. Various other terms have been thrown in wherever I thought it appropriate. This guide does not list acronyms that are in general use on all types of newsgroups, mailing lists and message-boards - for a comprehensive list of these acronyms take a look at the Internet Acronyms Dictionary. There is very little coverage of BDSM terms here - see The Deviant's Dictionary for explanations of these.

All the terms in this glossary are tagged, so it's possible to link directly to the definition of any term from elsewhere on the web.

The selection of terms defined here will no doubt seem quirky and erratic to some people. But that's OK, because it is quirky and erratic. Description of any act here does not signify the author's approval of it, particularly if it is illegal - see Redefining Prostitution as Sex Work for an overview of the laws (in England and Wales) pertaining to sex work.

69   Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus.

A   Anal sex.

AC/DC   Bisexual.

A-levels   Anal sex.   The newsgroup provides a world-wide forum for discussion of prostitution. However, UK discussion now generally takes place on the PunterNet message board and on Street Girls UK, while is mostly full of US stuff and spam.

anilingus   Licking someone's anus. Many prostitutes will allow you to do this to them, but far fewer will do it to you.

asp   An abbreviation for

AWO   Anal without [a condom]. Same as Death Wish and BBBF.

bareback   Without a condom.

BBBF   Bareback butt fuck. Same as Death Wish and AWO.

BBBJ   Bareback blow job. Same as FWO or OWO.

BBF   Bareback fuck. Same as SWO.

BBW   Big beautiful woman.

BDSM   Bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism. For explanations of numerous BDSM terms see The Deviant's Dictionary (

BJ   Blow job. A strange term for fellatio.

brown shower   Another name for hardsports.

Brut service   Yabadabadoo's term for a facial ("splash it all over").

Captain 69   The webmaster of a site dedicated to reviews of escorts in the UK (particularly London) and, to a lesser extent, elsewhere in Europe. This site was created somewhen around September/October 1998 and appears to be the oldest significant website providing reviews of UK prostitutes. But at the beginning of February 2000 it turned into a paysite.

CIM   Come in mouth.

completion   Orgasm. For example, OWO to completion means until you cum.

covered   With a condom.

cowgirl   A position for sexual intercourse - the man on his back, the woman sitting atop.

CP   Corporal punishment. You used to be able to get this in return for stealing things, but it doesn't work that way any more.

creampie   Ejaculation in the vagina (or anus) without a condom.

cum facial   Same as facial.

cunnilingus   Pussy-licking. A good article on this can be found at

CWM   CyberWhoreMonger. A punter who uses the Internet in connection with his paid-sex activities. This is mainly an American term, and contrasts with CyberCourtesan.

Death Wish   Anal sex without a condom. Same as BBBF and AWO.

doggie style   A position for sexual intercourse - the woman on her knees, the man entering from behind.

DP   Double penetration - one penis in the vagina, another in the anus.

EMB   The Escorts Message Board. One of many message boards that is primarily intended for ads by UK escorts.

facial   This is where you spunk over her face.

fanny   Same as pussy, cunny, quim, etc. (This definition is provided for the benefit of Americans, who generally have a very strange idea of what a fanny is.)

fellatio   Cock-sucking. A good article on this can be found at

fisting   Hand in vagina.

FOC   Free of charge.

FR   Field report (on PunterNet).

French   French sex. Another strange term for fellatio.

French kissing   Deep kissing, tongue kissing.

FS   Sometimes means full sex, but sometimes means full service.

full service   Bit vague, but generally means full sex and fellatio.

full sex   Vaginal intercourse.

full strip   Should mean that she takes all her clothes off - but beware that she may have a different idea of the meaning.

FWO   French without [a condom]. Same as OWO or BBBJ.

Galahad   The creator and host of PunterNet and Global PunterNet.

gang-bang   An occasion on which several men successively have sexual intercourse with one woman.

Global PunterNet   A website ( created by Galahad on 07 June 2023 for the exchange of information on prostitution across the globe except the UK which is covered by PunterNet.  Like PunterNet it consists of two main parts: a message board and a collection of field reports.

golden shower   Another name for watersports.

Greek   Anal sex.

half & half   An American term for French and sex. Not to be used in the UK, because most girls here haven't got a clue what it means.

hardsports   Defaecation in a sexual context. Usually means that the prostitute shits over the client, or at least for the client to watch.

HJ   Hand-job. Same as HR.

hobby   The "hobby" is whoring.

hobbyist   Euphemism for a man who frequents prostitutes. A (habitual) punter.

HR   Hand relief. Same as HJ.

H/S   Hardsports.

incall   Where the client visits the prostitute. Opposite of outcall. (But beware that the term "incall" is frequently misused to mean an outcall to the client's home.)

john   Another term (esp. in North America) for a punter.

massage parlour   Usually a brothel. This is illegal in the UK but is tolerated in many areas - although official toleration, as in Edinburgh, is rare.

MFS   Massage and full sex.

mish   Missionary position (woman on her back, man on top facing her).

MMF   A male-male-female threesome.

NCF   No content follows. Used at the end of a message that is entirely contained in the subject line. Very common on the PunterNet message board.

O   Oral sex.

O-levels   Oral sex.

oral   Oral sex. Either fellatio or cunnilingus - usually the former in the context of punter talk.

OTK   Over the knee (spanking).

outcall   Where the prostitute visits the client's home or hotel. Opposite of incall.

OWO   Oral without [a condom]. Same as FWO or BBBJ.

pearl necklace   This is where you spunk over her breasts/shoulders/neck.

provider   Euphemism for a prostitute.

punter   Dysphemism for a prostitute's client.

PunterNet   A website ( created by Galahad on 26 January 1999 for the exchange of information on prostitution in the UK, with emphasis on Greater London. Consists of two main parts: a message board and a collection of field reports.

reverse   Means the opposite way round to that which is most common between a prostitute and her client. For example, "reverse oral" means cunnilingus and "reverse massage" means the client massaging the prostitute.

rimming   Anilingus.

RLD   Red-light district.

Russian   A tit-fuck.

sandwich   Another term for DP.

scat   Another term for hardsports.

service provider   Just a longer form of the term "provider".

sex   On its own often means vaginal intercourse.

sixty-nine   See 69.

SM   Sado-masochism. See also BDSM

solid sports   Another term for hardsports.

snowballing   The action of kissing to exchange cum immediately after CIM.

SP   Service provider. (Note that lowercase "sp" is often used in parenthesis to indicate uncertainty about spelling.)

spam   This is nothing to do with sex (although with some people's sexual preferences it's difficult to be sure), but the question has come up on PunterNet. The term "spam" nowadays refers mainly to commercial junk e-mail/postings, especially when sent out in bulk. For more information on the meaning of "spam" read the spam entry in the Jargon File (

spoons   A position for sexual intercouse - both partners lying on their side, with the man behind the woman.

straight sex   Vaginal intercourse.

SW   Sex worker. (Or software, of course. Best not to confuse the two.)

swallows   Means that she swallows your cum.

SWO   Sex without [a condom]. Same as BBF.

TLC   Tender loving care.

uncovered   Without a condom.

VFM   Value for money.

walk-up   This is a type of establishment that is common in Soho (including Chinatown), and to a lesser extent in Shepherd Market (and the neighbouring Shepherd Street and Market Mews). A walk-up has an open door leading into a flat (or two or three) in each of which a prostitute works. They advertise mainly by means of a note by the entrance saying "model" and usually giving some details.

watersports   Urination in a sexual context. Usually means that the prostitute pisses over the client, or at least for the client to watch, but sometimes also the other way around (2-way watersports). For further info see the Watersports Training Manual (

WG  Working Girl

with   Often means "with a condom".

without   Often means "without a condom".

working girl  Euphemism for a prostitute.

W/S   Watersports.

WSG   The World Sex Guide.

World Sex Guide   A site providing information (much of it from about prostitution throughout the world. Hasn't been updated since June 1998, but still contains useful information. Note that this is the non-commercial World Sex Guide (Atta's World Sex Guide - - there is also a commercial one (the Banker's World Sex Guide -





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